Science Seminar

everyone is welcome!

January 19, 2018

Aaron Moehlig

The Mathematics of Poker

You've probably heard the phrase "the house always wins," when referring to pitfalls of casino gambling. This is undoubtedly true for almost all games you'll find inside a casino, but poker can offer the unique opportunity to win money over the long term, if you are good enough. This talk will help you identify when you are being offered a profitable wager, how to manipulate other poker players into accepting a profitable wager, and the mathematical logic and tools poker professionals use to make decisions during a poker hand. People with lots of disposable money are encouraged to attend.

February 2, 2018

Marc Lentini

Learning, Technology, and Equity

We know that education improves lives. For the last several years, the news in learning technology has been elaborate claims about how online education and artificial intelligence will radically disrupt and improve education and, thus, lives. This seminar will take a look at where learning technology has been and where it's going, and what we need to confront to bring these gains to all learners.