Science Seminar

everyone is welcome!

January 19, 2018

Aaron Moehlig

The Mathematics of Poker

You've probably heard the phrase "the house always wins," when referring to pitfalls of casino gambling. This is undoubtedly true for almost all games you'll find inside a casino, but poker can offer the unique opportunity to win money over the long term, if you are good enough. This talk will help you identify when you are being offered a profitable wager, how to manipulate other poker players into accepting a profitable wager, and the mathematical logic and tools poker professionals use to make decisions during a poker hand. People with lots of disposable money are encouraged to attend.

February 2, 2018

Marc Lentini

Learning, Technology, and Equity

We know that education improves lives. For the last several years, the news in learning technology has been elaborate claims about how online education and artificial intelligence will radically disrupt and improve education and, thus, lives. This seminar will take a look at where learning technology has been and where it's going, and what we need to confront to bring these gains to all learners.

February 9, 2018

Tim Ewing

Producing Energy, Fuels, and Value-Added Bio-Products from Organic Waste

There is a current effort in Washington State to convert dairy farms to modular, extendable and environmentally friendly bio-refineries. The central process anchoring the bio-refinery concept is anaerobic digestion (AD). Using AD to treat a combined stream of off-dairy organics and manure can reduce the cost of organic waste treatment and enhance the production of methane rich biogas for utilization as an energy source. Capturing common nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from the digester discharge also reduces the potential for downstream environmental contamination. Fiber separated from the digester can be reused on the farm or combined with off-dairy woody biomass to produce heat and biochar. The goal of this seminar is to introduce the current bio-refinery concept and then highlight the possible integration with future organic waste treatment technologies.

February 23, 2018

Dr. Lydia Garas

Myth-conceptions: Demystifying Genetically Engineered Animals for Environmental and Human Benefit

Most people have heard the term "GMO", but aren't quite sure what it means. In this seminar, we'll talk about what genetically modified organisms are, what genetic engineering is, and the different ways that humans have used genetic modification to manipulate DNA. From goats that make spider silk in their milk, to fast-growing salmon, come learn about the ways genetic engineering can be used to reduce pollution, benefit animal welfare, and improve human health.

March 2, 2018

Kip Wanzer & Kurt Giessel

Pacific Rim Cyber Defense Competition

Did you know Highline hosts a regional cyber security competition where the winner gets to compete nationwide? This event puts competitors into a simulated business environment where they have to complete everyday IT tasks all while being attacked by a team of professional hackers. Come see what it takes to host such a competition.