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September 28, 2007

Ed Morris

Glides, Reflections, and the Tilings of the Plane...The Mathematics of M. C. Escher

Eric’s Note: Some of you may have seen Ed talk about Escher’s work a bit over 3 years ago. I don’t think there has ever been a Science Seminar that has generated more discussion afterwards. I remember herding people out of the room against their will over a half-hour after it ended. It was amazing. This is one not to miss.

How did M. C. Escher create figures that cover a surface without overlapping? Come and learn about the mathematics of tessellations and how you can create your own designs that tile a flat surface with no gaps!!

Note: Near the end of this presentation Ed Morris reveals how M.C. Escher created his tessellations. Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove this part of the program due to a faulty battery that led to distorted audio.

Posted on October 3, 2007

October 5, 2007

Eric Baer

A Sea of Lava: The Great Columbia River Basalt Eruption

17 million years ago a 60 mile long crack opened in the ground in Eastern Washington. What followed was the largest eruption on the planet since the dinosaurs died off. The eruption was 200,000 times bigger than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, and left Eastern Washington buried under more than 2 miles of volcanic rock. What caused such a huge eruption? What was the impact on our state? Could it happen again?

Posted on October 11, 2007

October 13, 2007

Rich Bankhead and Tina Ostrander


There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t…Become part of those who do!

Posted on October 16, 2007

October 19, 2007

No Classes

Professional Development Day

Professional Development Day

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October 26, 2007

Carla Whittington

When the Dam Broke

Imagine for a moment all the world’s rivers combined flowing across Eastern Washington. The Columbia, the Mississippi, the Ganges, the Amazon, the Nile, but also every single small river and stream – all of that water, combined, coursing across the dusty planes of Spokane, Moses Lake and down into Portland. Now take that vision, and multiply the amount of water by 20, and you might get an idea of the flood that occurred … and then occurred again and again…

Posted on October 31, 2007

November 2, 2007

Erik Scott

Election special! "Nothing's Perfect: The Mathematical Impossibility of a ‘Fair’ Voting System"

Next Tuesday is Election Day and the People's voice will be heard and their choices determined... or will it? Come find out why voting is inherently flawed.

Posted on November 6, 2007

November 9, 2007

Lonnie Somer

Cryptozoology: The Search for Sasquatch, Nessie, Ogopogo, and Other Fabulous Creatures

Does a mysterious giant hominoid live somewhere in the Pacific Northwest?  What lies in the depths of Loch Ness? Each year many new species of animals are discovered, but could one really be hiding in our own backyard?

Posted on November 21, 2007

November 16, 2007

Rich Bankhead and Gregory Reinemer

The First Annual Physics Magic Show

For four years now, the most popular Science Seminar has been the chemistry show. But now, there is a challenger. Come find out who will have the more… err… explosive production. This one is NOT for the faint of heart. Will building 7 be able to contain it or is the Thunderdome our next locale?

Note: Experiencing technical difficulties with this video stream. It will be posted ASAP.

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November 23, 2007

No Classes

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Holiday

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November 30, 2007

Dee Skinner

Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0? Is it a real thing or a bubble? The promoters call it the internet in the hands of the people, with collaboration, online services, and user-driven applications. Is it an opportunity or is it “the cult of the amateur”?

Posted on December 07, 2007

December 7, 2007

To be determined...

To be determined...

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