Science Seminar

everyone is welcome!

October 5, 2012

Ed Morris

Escher's Game

Science Seminar begins TODAY with a blockbuster – Escher’s Game – the last in the Ed Morris Saga

October 12, 2012

Dr. Helen Burn

The Power of Polling (±3 percentage points!)

Ever wonder how public opinion polling works and how accurate it is? For example, how is it possible to predict the winner of the presidential election in a nation of over 300 million by polling less than 2000 people? Here's your chance to learn how!

October 19, 2012

Professional Day

No Science Seminar

October 26, 2012

Dr. Terry Meerdink & Tim Greene

Are You Puzzled?

November 2, 2012

Tracy Brigham

Diet and Disparity

November 9, 2012

Ciscoe Morris

Plants with Great Fall Color

This Science Seminar will be held in Mt. Constance.

November 16, 2012

Dr. Gregory Reinemer & Rich Bankhead

Water World

Location to be announced.

November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday

No Science Seminar

November 30, 2012

Nicole Bostic

Uncapping The Puget Sound, One Bottle Cap At A Time!

Plastic is the most common used material used in today's society; it is the most cost effective material to manufacture and that means it costs less for the consumers. Plastic is also the most commonly recycled material in the United States. However, amidst all that plastic, the caps used to seal the plastic containers are one of the least commonly recycled items. Why are we not recycling these bottle caps and why we are told to recycle the bottles and not the caps; aren't they made from the same materials? Where do these bottle caps end up and what are the long term effects to our ecosystem? Find out what scientists are learning about this thing called "microplastics" and the effects that plastics have to the Puget Sound and across the globe.